Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy 4th of July from Casey Movers

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Rob, Trevor, Kyle and myself ran the 4th of July 2014 Annual 4.5 mile race in Hingham, MA for team Casey Movers!

Casey Movers Running Team

This was a great follow up to our Half Marathon Run Rob and I did back in May. We are pleased that Trevor and Kyle were able to join us this time around and look forward to many community races in the near the future.

On a side note, Casey Movers management would like to thank all of our movers for the hard work they've been putting in the past couple of weeks. It has been hot and they are doing a great job.

Go to http://running.caseymovers.com/casey-movers-hingham-4th-of-july-road-race-2014.html for more information about this race.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Past Week at Casey Movers 5/1/14

April showers bring May--showers?

Check out the happenings at Casey Movers in the last week... Deidre decides to have a little fun in the Casey Movers office:

Nice dance Deidre... a customer catches the movers Ronnie and Mike on video...

Nice going guys! Also, Spring Soccer starts.

Casey Movers Soccer Player
Team Casey Movers! Fiona, daughter of Matthew Overstreet

Fiona throwing the ball in for Casey Movers
Fiona throwing the ball in.
On the business development side, I've been all over the place this week. Waltham, MA (waltham movers) for a couple of consultations, downtown Boston (boston movers), Chelmsford (chelmsford movers) and Lincoln, MA.

Monday, April 14, 2014

This latest reference sheet makes me really happy :)

I had a pretty good day coming back to work after a nice weekend full of fun activities such as golf and running.

I drove up to Waltham (waltham movers) for a consultation, dropped off some free boxes in Billerica, MA (billerica movers) and then over to Norwell (norwell movers) for a consultation. A little bit slower today because most of the rush for the end of the month is over. A lot of folks are just starting to get their quotes in for May.

However, this really made my day when I saw this come through to my email...

Image of Roberta with Casey Movers, Hull Movers
Matt C and Tim with Roberta from Hull, MA. Casey Movers, 4/14/14

I actually met with Roberta a couple of times in Hull, MA (hull movers) leading up to this move. The first time I saw her she was just getting some basic pricing done out. The second time, I was actually quite surprised to see her again on my route, but she had a few changes and just wanted to lock down the contract as she had just found her "forever home." It was a true delight working with Roberta and I'm glad to see she had such a wonderful experience with Casey Movers.

Favorite things about last week:

Image of Fiona and vase from Casey Movers customer
Last week I surprised Fiona with some flowers in a vase I got from a Casey Movers customer. Again, "thank you, Evelyn" :)
Casey Movers Sales Manager Matthew Overstreet
Casey Movers: Matthew Overstreet, Sales Manager

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Free flower vases in Quincy today...

So, after a short stop in Hull, MA (hull movers) for a free consultation I stopped over to a house in Quincy, MA (quincy movers).

I met a very nice woman who happened to be a former florist at the home in Quincy who had a bunch of vases she was looking looking to give away. I took three of them and surprised Fiona today.

Matthew Overstreets daughter, Fiona
"Thank you, Evelyn!" :)
Needless to say... if anyone else (friends, family, other customers) has a need for any vases Evelyn is looking to offload some before her move. Contact me if you'd like me to give her YOUR contact info so she can contact you to arrange pick-up of some vases.

Free vases if anyone needs them, contact me at 781-871-1190 and I'll give Evelyn YOUR contact info.
After Quincy it was off to Sherborn, MA to meet with a woman who is moving to Cotuit, MA towards the end of May. I have a feeling I was able to offload a lot of stress and look forward to working with her. :)

Matthew Overstreet of Casey Movers

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Working at a dunks in Middleboro, MA

Dropped off some free boxes with a customer in Bridgewater, MA (bridgewater movers) this morning on my way to a consult in West Bridgewater, MA (west bridgewater, ma movers).

Casey Movers - Matthew Overstreet laptop at Dunks
Matthew Overstreet setting up a satellite Casey Movers office at Dunks in Middleboro, MA.

We'll be moving an eighteen wheeler worth of household goods from West Bridgewater to Plymouth, MA (plymouth movers) around the end of May. Awaiting confirmation.

Got an emergency call from Danielle afterwards regarding a woman in Lakeville, MA (lakeville, ma movers) with a last minute move in just a couple of weeks and she cannot wait. She can't meet until about 3:00pm so I'm waiting in the area working from a Dunks today (it's 12:23pm as I write this).

Casey Movers, Matthew Overstreet delivering boxes
Matthew Overstreet of Casey Movers on 4/9/14 on his way to drop off some free boxes for a client in Attleboro, MA (attleboro movers)
UPDATE (4:36PM): So, I just got back from Lakeville, MA (lakeville movers). I assessed her home and took care of reservations for her. I'm glad I could be of some help, this woman was very stressed out. But, there isn't too much to be stressed about... it's a large 3 bedroom home which is probably more comparable to a 4 bedroom home but she's got a giant dumpster and getting rid of half the stuff. I'm sure it is stressful not having a definite place to go, but we're going to hold her goods until she finds a place. I'll be dropping off tons of free boxes for her within the next week.

Either way, I think we were able to ease her mind a bit. Now, she just needs to find a place to move to as she's required to be out of her home by the 30th of this month. Her daughter discovered that she just got a brand new iPhone (I know I'm a blackberry guy) while I was there and was very excited. So, between the iPhone and the burden of the move being eased, it was just an overall great experience for everyone today.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I got a new toy today...

I was in the office today conducting interviews to bring on an additional estimator. Business is booming, and this is the busiest April I've ever seen in the 5 years or so that I've been here. We are doing something right this year :)

I'm usually very busy in the morning and usually burst into the office... I placed my iced coffee down to get some work done... then I came back to the main office area and saw what I had done...

I got a kick out of this anyway... don't mind the polar bear on the back of that dog. Just another day at Casey Movers... I considered taking him home to Fiona... but nah.

Anyway, I am VERY excited for what this year has in store. We just filed new rates with the MA DPU and Casey Movers is now doing it's best to offer price guarantees (for qualified moves... there are always going to be variables such as closing times when selling or buying a house... storage requirements, etc etc). I'm really excited. I think the movers are going to happy. Customers are going to be happy. Sales people are going to be happy. And the company is going to be happy. We have been running these new rates for about 2 weeks now and I think EVERYONE is pleased. YAY! :)

Also. I got a new toy today... a Blackberry Z30. I currently own the Blackberry Z10 and I absolutely love it... however, the Blackberry Z30 has a larger screen, faster processor and longer battery life. And, before you say anything, YES I PREFER BLACKBERRY OVER iPhone.

My new Blackberry Z30 :)
I think people still don't realize that Blackberry ever released a new OS... this OS is superior to anything else in so many ways. It's quick... the web browsing is lightning fast (I went to Supreme Pizza in Whitman, MA for lunch with my cousin who also owns a Blackberry Z30) and we clocked it in excess of 40MBps download speed and about 11MBps upload speed over the Verizon network. I really appreciate the Blackberry Hub because I have a lot of email and social media accounts for business and personal use... and, it's all in one place and easy to access. I also love the fact that BB10 can now run ANY android app natively. Also, I don't have to worry about breaking it... the build quality is very good... if I drop it, it's not going to crack. Also, not sure if anyone knows this... but Blackberry is going to be running all your cars! Anyway: Go Blackberry!

Okay so enough fun and down to business... I helped a guy out with his reservation. James met with him a few days ago and I set him up with a 53 foot tractor trailer with a small shuttle and we'll be having 5 movers load up his home in Natick, MA (natick movers) on May 18th. We'll be delivering his goods to his new home in Gilmanton, NH two days later. They should be able to pull the trailer right into the driveway at the new home, so no shuttle will be required.

Got some neat reference pages we put together from the past couple weeks.

Chatham and Beacon Hill Movers
Beacon Hill Movers

Methuen movers
Moving in Methuen, MA

Kingston, MA Movers
Kingston Movers

Weymouth, MA Movers
We are Weymouth Movers
Anyway, please follow this blog. If you do have any questions about an upcoming move or know someone who is moving... you know where to reach me.

Casey Movers: Matthew Overstreet Sales Manager
Matthew Overstreet, Sales Manager & Business Development at Casey Movers. 379 Liberty Street Rockland, MA 02370. 781-871-1190

Monday, April 7, 2014

Duxbury to Dennis, MA Move April 29th

Duxbury, MA (duxbury movers) @ 2:30PM

Met with a nice lady in Duxbury, MA today. She's moving most of her small pieces of furniture and boxes to a new local apartment and moving the rest to her house down the Cape in Dennis, MA. I had some free boxes for her... but she didn't need them as she works for a distribution company and gets all the boxes she wants!

She had a rather unique situation in which there is a large Armoir in the bedroom. She is not too sure if it will fit down in the Dennis, MA location (we'll need 2 strong guys to handle this and I made note of it on our paperwork). If not, it might be going to a consignment shop in Hanover, MA. It's not a huge deal, if she doesn't want it, we'll just stop in Hanover, MA (hanover movers) on the way back to our Rockland, MA (rockland movers) port... I also told her she can store it free with us for a few days... worst case.

We'll be arriving in Duxbury, MA (duxbury, ma movers) on April 29th to pick up her goods.